Update log

In this section you will see our update logs including game balance adjustements

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- Two new casuals/garments in limited VIP shop
- Removed old casuals from VIP limited shop
- Two new limited casuals/garments in Shopping mail limited sale section
- Removed Summer casual/garments from shopping mail limited sale section
Introducing the new Geared PKT
- Visit old man Robbin everyday between 17:00 and 17:10 to join the PKT
NPC Location:
Old man Robbin - Cronus (354. 423)
- You have 10 minutes to join 17:00 - 17:10
- You must kill everyone in the map
- You can't summon any pets!
- You must claim rewards between 17:15 - 17:30
50,000 EPs
VIP Limited Shop
- New casuals/garments (Fairy's Wings & Reincarnation Twilight)
- PKT fully working, please check this page for more details about timing and rewards: http://thunder-eo.com/PK.html
Introducing new Divine Fire Set
- New Divine Fire set Hell Fire
At the moment you can get Hell Fire sets only from daily PKT, we will be releasing more ways to get Hell Fire Divine sets in future events and quests.
Divine fire Realm IIl
-Now Realm II stages will give you 20 BP for each stage you upgrade
Introducing new Eudemons
- Super Eudemon: Rose Knight
- Special Mount: Edelweiss Kitty
INew Skins added to Garry's Exchange Shop
Added 3 new Eudemon Skins in Garry's Exchange Shop
-Frost Mystery Stone
-Rainbow Light Stone
-Dark Kylin Stone

Game balance adjustements


  • Ancient Stand in market can now send you to Divine Sorcerer (to open divine fire slots) and MadCityId
  • Added Goddess Badges: right click on them to exchange for goddess EXP or Promotion Stonesd
  • Added new boxes to VIP Shard Shop contains Goddess awaken itemsd
  • Added 25 goddess badges to time achivement rewards for each 1 hour online timed
  • Added new daily goddess badges login rewards as following:
  • (When you login everyday you will receive goddess badges based on your VIP level)
  • VIP 2: 100 Goddess Badges
  • VIP 3: 110 Goddess Badges
  • VIP 4: 120 Goddess Badges
  • VIP 5: 130 Goddess Badges
  • VIP 6: 140 Goddess Badges
  • VIP 7: 150 Goddess Badges
  • VIP 8: 160 Goddess Badges
  • VIP 9: 170 Goddess Badges

  • Introducing new weapon soul(limited) shop This new shop will be selling limited time (2 days) soul weapons for all classes.
    NPC: Panda in Cronus (337.405)
    Price: 15,000 EPs for each weapon

    Introducing new Boss in Island Docks
    Island dragon is a new boss will appear in Island docks. The dragon have a 50% chance to appear every hour at xx:10.
    You will see an alert message when the dragon appears
    Location: Island (956.1072)
    Drops: DragonBalls

    Barrier Breaker quest is now open from 12:00 to 17:59 Server time BST (please check time in www.thunder-eo.com) Barrier breaker entry NPC : Barrier Pole/Warson Barrier will be in Soder
    New rules:
    1 - Please join with your team if your BP is less than 1600
    2 - Doors open at 12:00, if the quest is finished by anytime between 12:00 and 17:59 BST, the entry NPC (Pole) in soder will dissaper.
    - Fixed treasure hunt eudemon EXP potion by replacing it with super eudemon crystal
    - VIP farms entries limitation is removed and updated to 30 minutes per entry.
    (Members can join any VIP farm for their VIP level and all levels under, once you enter the map
    You can't enter again for the next 30 minutes)
    - 250 Stars as the new start limit from 15/07/2020
    - Some fixes to small issues on the barrier breaker quest
    - Fixed the bug where bosses in fire tomb / advance zones are not attacking players
    - Fixed the bug where bosses in Barrier Breaker Quest are not attacking players
    - Introducing a brand new quest, #void-tower consist of 50 stages. The higher the stage, the better the rewards. (Please note that you will not be able to reach the last stage at the moment, but these stages will be more easy to conquer, the more star limit increases)
  • Void Tower

  • - Stages Recommended BP
    Stages 1 to 5 --> 500 BP+
    Stages 5 to 10 --> 1000 BP+
    Stages 15 to 20 --> 1600 BP+
    Stages 20 to 25 --> 2250 BP+
    Stages 25 to 30 --> 2500 BP+
    Stages 30 to 35 --> 2750 BP+
    Stages 35 to 40 --> 3000 BP+
    Stages 40 to 45 --> 3250 BP+
    Stages 45 to 50 --> 3500 BP+
  • VIP Limited Shop

  • - Back Decoration price is now 3 VIP Shards instead of 5
    - Casuals/Garments price is now 4 VIP Shards instead of 5
    - Removed Alamut's souls and added a discounted price packages.
  • Treasure Shop

  • - Added two new limited time packages for Alamut's Souls
    Alamut set Package A+ : 2 x Lvl 18 Soul Alamut & 4 x Lvl 16 Soul Alamut
    Alamut set Package B : 1 x Lvl 18 Soul Alamut & 5 x Lvl 15 Soul Alamut

    Game balance adjustements

  • Increased time achivement to 1 hour instead of 2 hours

  • - Lava Shrine stages update:
    Common Recommended BP: 1050
    Elite Recommended BP: 1050
    Hell Recommended BP: 1100
    - Ghost Island stages update:
    Common Recommended BP: 1200
    Elite Recommended BP: 1250
    Hell Recommended BP: 1300
    - Thunder Zone stages update:
    Common Recommended BP: 1400
    Elite Recommended BP: 1500
    Hell Recommended BP: 1600

    Updates - 20/06/2020 to 26/06/2020

  • PKT is not only every Sunday and rewards stay the same
  • Fixed Rotten Demon Record, if you have any it will be replaced by Corpse (right click to receive rewards)
  • Universals 25 star are now tradable
  • Divine Fire Releam II are now fully functions (required items will be ontainable from future quests such as Viod tower and Barrier breaker)
  • Weekend double auto eps and pps from all mobs and bosses (wild bosses only)
  • When using Stackable Eps bag, the system will automatically detect and open 50, 25, 10 or 1 bag based on how many you have in your bag.
  • (This will make it easier to open many bags quickly)
  • Fixed Necromancer divine skills ancient stand
  • Introducing the all mobs dropping Pure Soul weekend event this weekend.
  • (All mobs in all mabs will drop Pure Souls, exchange them to universals from 6* to 25* (Please note you can upgrade these souls from 1 star to 6 stars, the higher stars the more Universal's Stars you can get)
  • Increasing Eudemons Star limit on 15/07/2020 to 200 Stars
  • (Increasing star limit has been delayed to July, in the next few days we will automate t his process. This means that every xx days star limit will be increased by xx stars, we will release figures soon)
  • Adding summer hive casuals to shopping mail "limited sale section"
  • Minor bugs fixed
  • Introducing new quest: Barrier Breaker quest NPC
  • Soder (245.459)
  • Requirement to enter this quest
  • 30 x Immortal Shards (You can find these shards from any wild bosses in all mabs)
  • Rules
  • The quest will open doors between 20:10 - 20:58
  • You must have 20 x Immortal Shards
  • Anyone can join the quest
  • The quest have 4 sections, you must kill all mobs in the first section to summon the bosses
  • Once the boss appeared, you can kill the boss to open the next stage
  • Bosses drops a lot of valuable items
  • More information please see the quest video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bFpUohwp1IU&t
  • Drops
  • Super Stones
  • Red Stones
  • Star Points
  • Universals 25*
  • Immortal Shards
  • Bronze Sacred Medals (Used to upgrade divine Ream II)
  • Elite Equipment
  • Oracle Gems
  • Game balance adjustements

  • Rotten is now dropping 25- Star universals not 19*
  • Increased rewards in Rotten
  • Added Universals 19 Star to Shopping Mall and Universal Exchange NPC
  • Increased mobs density in all mabs by at least 5x
  • Decreased the chance of dropping EPs bag in all mobs by 50%
  • (As mobs increased, you will not notice much difference in drops rate as more mobs = more drops)

    Updates - 08/06/2020

  • Follow up pets speed and pickup range is increased for all follow up pets.
  • Increase Immortal Shards stack-able number to 1000 instead of 99
  • Added new follow up pets in wardrobe, all follow up pets are now available from Garry's exchange shop (Market 302 520)

  • Introducing Queens hunting quest:

    The Queens new mission tasks are a series of tasks that starts from Eleven city all the way to Cata Maze. You will be asked to kill a certain number of mobs in each map, when you manage to kill the monsters, you will receive a reward by mail. You will be asked to kill 30 monsters from the first few stages and up to 200 for the final stages. To start the quest, please go to Quest Fairy in Cronus 349.422, you don't need to go back again unless you want to start this quest again. You must kill the current stage to move to the next stage, so you can't mix them. Finally, the higher the stage the better the rewards as shown below:

  • Eleven City (Per quest): 200 EPs and 100 Star Points
  • Additional rewards for VIP 3 members and above: x2 EPs and Star Points rewards
  • Gobi Desert (Per quest): 300 EPs and 150 Star Points
  • Additional rewards for VIP 3 members and above: x2 EPs and Star Points rewards
  • Dark Marsh (Per quest): 1 Dice, 500 EPs and 200 Star Points
  • Additional rewards for VIP 3 members and above: x2 EPs and Star Points rewards
  • IceLand (Per quest): 1 Dice, 600 EPs and 400 Star Points
  • Additional rewards for VIP 3 members and above: x2 EPs and Star Points rewards
  • Island (Per quest): 1 Dice, 700 EPs and 450 Star Points
  • Additional rewards for VIP 3 members and above: x2 EPs and Star Points rewards
  • Volcano (Per quest): 1 Dice, 800 EPs and 500 Star Points
  • Additional rewards for VIP 3 members and above: x2 EPs and Star Points rewards
  • Cata maze(Per quest): 1 Dice, 1000 EPs and 600 Star Points
  • Additional rewards for VIP 3 members and above: x2 EPs and Star Points rewards

  • Introducing Dice Lottery (Market 302 520):

    The Dice will provide a lottery service to draw items such as:

  • Green Leaf (used to exchange follow up pets from Garry Shop)
  • VIP 3 members and above will have the chance to draw Fire Sage & parklecurl Shards
  • VIP 7 members and above will have the chance to draw Figspeck, Brarivine and Flitry Twirls Shards
  • Rules:
  • You must give 1 Dice (Found from Queen quest as explained above) and draw, each draw costs 1 dice.
  • You will roll the dice and get between 1 to 6 Green Leaves or Shards.
  • Game balance adjustements

  • Rotten Magic Stone(Rotten Key) can be crafted by 3 Shards instead of 10
  • Caria Key can be crafted for 10 Shards instead of 20
  • Increased the Caria's keys entry time to 10:00 to 14:59 instead of 12:00 to 14:59
  • Bosses in Silent map is now spawning quicker (between 20 and 40 minutes)
  • Updates - 08/06/2020

  • BP ranking NPC in soder will now display occupiers on the NPC title
  • Legion War will now operate only at Saturday on 14:00 Server time (BST)
  • Increased EPs reward gained from hitting Legion war's Pole and Shield to X2 giving a chance to earn up to 250,000 EPs
  • Added Thunder Zone
  • Ghost Island Rewards:
  • 1 x Divine Fire Infernal Flame
  • Universals:
  • Common: between 1 to 10 Universals 25*
    Elite: between 1 to 15 Universals 25*
    Hell: between 1 to 20 Universals 25*
  • Miraculous Fire Chest:
  • Common: between 1 to 4 Chests
    Elite: between 1 to 6 Chests
    Hell: between 1 to 8 Chests

    Game balance adjustements

  • Fixed skill Cyclone Strike for mage to reach level 5 and increased power
  • Adjustements to skill Thunder Judge to use less SP and increased power
  • Increased BP defence stats, for each 1 BP difference, character defence bonus will increase by 0.20%
  • Added VIP Shard Shop (VIP Shards exchange shop will now be always there, however, items may change in the future) Location: Market (311. 446)
  • Updates - 04/06/2020

  • Added Sky Stone to drop in MadCity
  • In MadCity Dark Wings Hector and Blaze Dragon bosses now drops materials
  • Added Ghost Island
  • Game balance adjustements

    Ghost Island Rewards:
  • 1 x Divine Fire Universal Flame
  • Universals:
  • Common: between 1 to 8 Universals 25*
    Elite: between 1 to 12 Universals 25*
    Hell: between 1 to 15 Universals 25*
  • Power Crystals:
  • Common: between 1 to 6 Power Crystals
    Elite: between 1 to 10 Power Crystals
    Hell: between 1 to 15 Power Crystals

    Lava Shrine Rewards:
  • 1 x Divine Fire Infernal Flame
  • Universals:
  • Common: between 1 to 4 Universals 25*
    Elite: between 1 to 6 Universals 25*
    Hell: between 1 to 10 Universals 25*
  • Power Crystals:
  • Common: between 1 to 6 Power Crystals
    Elite: between 1 to 10 Power Crystals
    Hell: between 1 to 12 Power Crystals

    Updates - 03/06/2020

  • Added Lava Shrine with 3 different stages (Common, Elite and Hell)
  • Removed all Divine fire chest from Kings Treasure Exchange
  • You can now exchange 1 VIP Shard for 10 Soul or Halter Essences
  • Game balance adjustements

  • Shift Stone price decreased to: 8620 EPs
  • Daily quests soul potions drops is changed to level 1 and 2 potions
  • Introducing Class change only for Paladins at the moment
  • Updates - 31/05/2020

  • Increased mobs timer to 5 minutes instead of 3 minutes in the black arena
  • Added Super gem recycling
  • Few client and server side fixes
  • Added 1 time EPs bonus when upgrading VIP level:
  • When reaching VIP level 3: + 100,000 EPs
    When reaching VIP level 4: + 125,000 EPs
    When reaching VIP level 5: + 150,000 EPs
    When reaching VIP level 6: + 175,000 EPs
    When reaching VIP level 7: + 200,000 EPs
    When reaching VIP level 8: + 225,000 EPs
    When reaching VIP level 9: + 250,000 EPs

    Game balance adjustements

  • VIP 9 Caria Direct finishes increased to 2 per day.
  • Updates - 30/05/2020

  • Increased and add more mobs for Golems, Fish Demons, Dwarf Apes and Warlocks
    (We are adding more mobs, any suggestions are welcome)
  • Divine compose is not available for now.
  • 30* Fragements +3 now gives 30-Star Unixo instead of Saints.
  • Caria is now have additional time slot: 12:00 to 14:59 for Caria Key holders.
  • Added limited Weekend sales Market (311. 446)
  • Game balance adjustements

  • Black market power cyrstal rewards decreased to 21 in total.
  • Kings treasure exchange shop 10 x 25* Universals price decreased to 25 Crystals.
  • Updates - 22/05/2020 - 28/05/2020

  • Immortal Shards have 20% Chance to drop instead of 100%
  • After Killing any wild Boss, the chance that FU will appear has increased
  • Removed divine crystals from Kings Treasure Exchanges
    (Crystals are available in Shopping)
  • VIP 9 Caria Direct finish is limited to 1 time per day
  • Added level 12 Alamut soul to Shopping Mall (Can be bought with PPs as well)
  • Added Special Bosses maps for VIP 5 and above.
    (See screenshots in here: http://thunder-eo.com/vip/#Benefits)
    Special bosses maps can be accessed from your VIP Dream Bag item Maps can only be accseed with the right VIP level. Therefore, a VIP 5 farm is only accessiable by VIP 5 members only.
  • Celebrating server's first week, we have added a limited time VIP shop
  • Introducing New Star Limit of 150*
    (Soon we will release more information about when is star limit is increasing)
  • Treasure Hunt has a chance to give you 10 x 19* UniXO,
    Power Crystals or Rocket EXP Potion (+1 character level)
  • Added Night Bats divine vampire skill to the skill stand in cronus
  • Few fixes to the divine skill stand
  • Fixed and added alamut level 12 in shopping mall (limited to 25 per day)
  • Removed Dawn of freedom and Eye of Abyss back from Shopping mall (Flash and sales section)
  • Added Achivement rewards for new players: NPC Clark M at Market (310. 478)
  • When reaching level 125: 10,800 EPs
  • When reaching level 130: 20,500 EPs
  • When reaching level 140: 35,500 EPs
  • When reaching level 145: 45,000 EPs
  • Game balance adjustements

  • Reduced price for Eudemon Clover to 48 EPs from 120 EPs
  • Increased prices of Universals by 30 EPs [Shopping Mall]
  • Increased price for Blessing Star by 100 EPs [Shopping Mall]
  • Increased Price for GodTear by 30 EPs [Shopping Mall]
  • Increased Price for Smelt Symbol by 20 EPs [Shopping Mall]
  • Increased Crystal Price in Kings Treasure
  • Auto EPs dropping from bosses have a 30% chance to give low EPs and 70% chance to give VIP rates
    (based on VIP level see table above)
  • Immortal Shards: 10 x Shards = Rotten Stone & 20 Shards = Caria Key
  • Alamut soul level 15 will be removed from Shopping Mall next update
  • Alamut soul Sucess rate: Level 13 to level 14 = 50%
    Level 14 to level 15= 100%
    Level 15 to level 16= 100%
    Level 16 to level 17= 100%
    Level 17 to level 18= 100%
  • Increase price of Shift Stone to 38,620 EPs
  • Increase price of Divine Jewel to 3,088 EPs
  • Decreased the limited sale amount to 20 per day
  • Increase price of Lunar Fragement to 5,700 EPs
  • Increased the daily sale amount to 10
  • 10 x 19* Universals in Kings Treasure exchange shop price reduced to 10 Crystals
  • Fairy Quest quest now require 3000 kills for 10,000 EPs instead of 6000 kills
  • Increased mobs spawn for Warlocks, Fish Demons and Dwarf apes
  • Adjustements to auto EPs (check vip center)
  • Updates - 22/05/2020

  • Removed 19* and 25* Univerals from exchange. 19 and 25*
    Universals are only obtainable from Bosses and Quests.
  • New players will now get 5KPPs instead of 100KK
  • Some fixes to items in Shopping mall
  • Fixed MadCity Bosses which were not dropping materials
  • Star and Frost Antelope & Golden and Crystal Peagasus are now available in game lottery
  • Added VIP bonus EPs system for equipment recycle (Check picture below)
  • Celebrating server's first week, we have added a limited time VIP shop

  • Game balance adjustements

  • Adjustment to Kings Treasure exchange shops, increased crystal prices some items.
  • Update to VIP auto EPs from bosses decreased the gab between highest and lowest reward to balance VIP level rewards.