Getting started with Thunder Online

The following tips will give you a great kick start and the advantage to know about what our server is offering 

1- What is the max level? How to reach it?
Max character level is 150 and max Divine level is 65.
To reach level 150 or 65 Divine here are few ways:

Run a Treble or douple Exp Potion in Cata Or Ice Maze, Hunt in Ice Maze to find Rocket EXP potions that gives you +1 level, Treasure map quest gives you 25% exp per treasure, black market gives huge EXP rewards and Chaos sources apepars in many locations also provide EXP

2- What are the drops? What is the server rates?

Drops are very high, based on your VIP level. The higher VIP the higher the EPs and items drop are.

3- How to stack my items, univerals, stones?

Dream VIP bag is the answer, yes when you start the game you will be given a yellow dream bag that can help you stack your items. If you dont have one, you can get it from Mall

4- What do I do with equipement and stones I dont need?

Again dream vip bag can help you recycle items and stones you dont need for EPS, so if no one wants to buy your stones, go ahead and recycle them for EPs!

5- How to reach max level, compose pets fast and get stronger?

To reach max Character or Divine level make sure you join all the EXP quests that runs daily check our quests time table
Our shopping mall offers all the materials needed for compose. Go and hunt bosses, get eps and start composing as soon as possible to build strong stats All players will obtain +9 gears. Its great to build these gears a bit to start with and will help you to progress faster.

6- Goddess? Servants? How can I activate that?

If you are new to Goddess and Servants that ok. You can awaken your Goddess that will not cost you anything
Servants are aleady awaken for yourself. However, to awaken Goddess you have to do some work, by killing a few bosses and talk to NPCs you will be able to have them activated in no time. Please refer to this guide by Eudemons Online to learn more about this topic, also feel free to talk to us if you need help. Goddess Awaking

7- What is Divine Fire? How to build it?

Firstly, please visit use this link to understand how to activate your divine fire.
Divine fire system gives you a chance to boosts your stats even further. You can increase stats such as divine damage, hp and pets hp.
Divine fire can be optained from fire chests. There are few ways to get these chests here are some of them:
(Chaosarce, Daily Quiz games, Spider King in Cronus, Buying from Ciara in soder and Fire Tomb (in soder) and Special Events)
There are 8 slots in Divine fire, when you open a fire chest, you will have a chance to optain a divine fire element for one of the 8 slots
You might find a divine fire element for the same slot twice, in this case you can decompose it and gain items that will help you to buy new fire chests
You can upgrade fire elements just like gears, you can add bonus stats to each fire element. In addition, when you wear 8 fire elements of the same kind, you will get additional attrubites.

8- What does the server have to offer for PVP?

Thunder Online have a daily PKT for players on different levels. Rewards are very rich!
The game offer PKT such as profession PKT, daily PKT, weekly PKT and Monthly PKT.
Legion war is another great PVP event, where legion war winners will be rewarded generously.

9- Donation? What is are the benifts of being a VIP?

After 6 years of successfully runing an old server. Thunder Online is now back to support communities with a great new features!
We don't sell any items for real money, everything you need is in the game and its all obtainable.
For players who want to donate and support us, they will be rewarded with VIP level increase. There are 9 levels of VIP,
please read about VIP Benifits to learn more about them. In addition, we provide promotion packages through our Treasure Shop